How to Divide Dwarf Iris?

Answer The dwarf iris is a fragrant flower characterized by 3 downward hanging petals (sepals or falls) and 3 upright petals (flags or banners). The dwarf iris is a plant that likes sunny locations with w... Read More »

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How do I divide an iris for planting?

Divide irises every two to four years in late summer, about four to six weeks after they flower. Cut the leaves back to 1/3 their length. Dig up the clump of irises with a spading fork and hose dow... Read More »

How do I divide bearded iris?

Dig RhizomesIn mid to late summer, dig out the iris rhizomes, preserving as many roots as possible. Break off any rhizomes that don't have shoots or that appear diseased or dead. Allow the breaks ... Read More »

When can you divide iris bulbs?

On One Hand: Irises can be Divided AnytimeIrises are a very sturdy plant that can withstand a lot. If you are relocating, or desperately need to divide the irises for some reason, do so. If you can... Read More »

The Advantages of Dwarf & Semi-Dwarf & Standard Plum Trees?

Plum trees come in three sizes: dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard. Land owners should consider their space, need for fruit and ability to maintain the tree before choosing which one is right for them.... Read More »