How to Divide Both a Numerator & Denominator by GCF?

Answer In the world of fractions, you often run into the term "greatest common factor." This is the largest value that will fit evenly into both the numerator and the denominator of a fraction. When you s... Read More »

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How to Find a Variable in Both the Numerator & Denominator?

Solving for variables in fractions involves many of the same steps as solving for variables in regular equations. The main difference is that equivalent fractions should first be cross-multiplied t... Read More »

How to Calculate the Percentage When the Numerator Is Greater Than the Denominator?

Percentages describe the size of one quantity, the numerator, in terms of a second quantity, the denominator. In many situations, the denominator represents the whole, and no larger quantity can ex... Read More »

How to Solve for X in the Numerator?

When matter and antimatter collide, they disappear. When a number and its multiplicative inverse collide, they also disappear. But this is algebra, not particle physics. You can create the multipli... Read More »

Which number is the numerator?

The numerator is the top number in a fraction. For example, take the fraction four fifths. When written out with numerals, the four is on the top and the five is on the bottom. This makes four the ... Read More »