How to Divide Bearded Irises?

Answer Bearded irises tend to become crowded every two to three years and cease to produce good blooms.[1] Division and transplanting allows the clump to rejuvenate and also provides a way to multiply you... Read More »

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Are Siberian irises bearded?

The Siberian iris is a completely different plant from the bearded iris. Though related, Siberian irises grow on tall, reed-like stem and lack the signature "beard" (fuzzy, downward sloping leaves)... Read More »

My bearded Irises aren't blooming?

If iris rhizomes are planted too deep, they won't bloom. Check the ones in the back and make sure that at least 1/4 of the rhizome is above the soil level.They could be crowding themselves out and... Read More »

Are Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises Found in the Wild?

Native to the Mediterranean, bearded irises have a structure consisting of three upright, or standard, petals, and three downward-facing petals called falls. The middle fall has a fuzzy line at its... Read More »

How do i divide daylilies&irises?

Prepare to DividePrune iris plant foliage to a height of six inches for a fall season division. Divide daylilies in spring. Dig the plant out of the ground with a sharp spade, making sure to dig wi... Read More »