How to Dive to Protect a Goal in Soccer?

Answer Sometimes there's a ball that your hands just can't reach. Read this to learn how to hurl your body at the goal with the least amount of injury possible.

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How to Dive in Soccer?

An Ivorian (orange) player takes a dive (the Argentine (blue) player made no actual contact)Diving, officially known as simulation, is the act of faking a foul or injury in soccer.Its supporters ca... Read More »

How to Dive in Pro Evolution Soccer 2008?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is part of a long-running series of soccer simulation games available on Nintendo and most Playstation consoles, Xbox 360 and PC. It is often abbreviated as PES 2008. Play... Read More »

How big is a soccer goal?

According to, the Major League Soccer website, a goal must be 8 feet tall and 8 yards across. However, notes that children under the age of 11 use goals that are small... Read More »

What is a goal in soccer?

A soccer goal is a wooden or metal frame enclosed by a net and sits on the center of the end line. A goal is scored when the entire ball completely crosses the end line under the crossbar of the go... Read More »