How to Dive Underwater Without Your Nose Plugged?

Answer It could be hard to dive underwater without your nose plugged. But, here are some tips that could help you do it.

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How to Go Underwater Without Holding Your Nose?

Ever wanted to breathe underwater? Do you always inhale water when you jump in the pool and feel awful right after? Don't worry, there is a way to prevent this.

How to Swim Underwater Without Holding Your Nose?

It is very hard to do anything underwater while holding your nose. You can't do handstands correctly, flip easily, or do competitive swimming strokes. So read this article if you want to know how t... Read More »

What is the name of the girl who read or told stories on Sesame Street or different kids show on PBS in the 1980s and her voice sounded like her nose was always plugged?

Can i use my digital camera to do underwater photography using ziploc bag as casing underwater?

You can definitely give it a try, but the risk is yours. You should get a proper underwater casing for your camera. If yours is a common brand or model, you should be able to get it easily from eba... Read More »