How to Dive Into a Pool?

Answer Want to make a "Splash" in the pool?

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How to Dive Into a Pool Backwards?

Diving into a pool backwards can be a useful skill to impress friends and family. It is also fun to do.

How to Do a Swan Dive From the Side of a Swimming Pool?

Swan-diving is an elegant way to enter the pool for a quick party trick for your friends. Do it right, and you enter the pool in style. Do it wrong and suffer a rather painful belly-flop.

How deep is the swimming pool that is used for the high dive?

Answer8 ftThe operative word here is "high" dive. 8' is the normal depth for an average pool with or without a small dive board. With most dive boards in residential pools the depth would be closer... Read More »

Where can you get replacement water line hosing and fittings for AquaSlide N Dive brand 8 foot Queen Right Curve swimming pool slides?

Answer Hi Kirsten - I can supply the complete spray nozzle kit for this slide (brand new) - original equipment. Comes with hose, 2 spray nozzles (top and bottom), nuts, t-union, and garden hose co... Read More »