How to Ditch Someone Smartly?

Answer You may be asking yourself this question......Do you have someone who really annoys you that you want to get away from?Or do you just want to do it as a joke to your best friend? Well, here is how ... Read More »

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How to Smartly Finance Home Repairs?

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How to Pack Smartly for a Plane Trip?

A plane journey can be stressful, but it can also be fun and enjoyable. What and how you pack can greatly effect this. Here's how to pack efficiently and smartly to guarantee a fun plane ride!

How do I tow a car out of a ditch?

Removing a Car From a DitchAttach tow chains to the underside of the car in the ditch. Hook the other end of the chains over the hitch on the back of the truck or car you intend to tow with. Shift ... Read More »

How to Get a Car Out of a Ditch?

Entering a ditch you're unable to exit is cause for a really bad day. Almost all motorists will have to get a car out of a ditch at one time or another, whether the car is stuck in mud, snow or jus... Read More »