How to Distract Yourself from Things You Don't Want to Think About?

Answer There are so many things that you might not want to think about. Finding distractions can help you get your mind off less helpful thoughts, and here are some popular ways to keep your mind off thin... Read More »

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What happens to the little hairs and other things that you DONT get out of your eye?

You know when you wake up in the morning and there is some sticky or crusty stuff in the corner of your eye?That is all the dirt that has gone into your eyes over the day.Your eyes have a self-clea... Read More »

When things dont go as planned do you normally just roll with it?

Yes, it's time to roll. Hope you're not doing this while driving. Sometimes I think if one of my plans actually worked out I'd have a heart attack. LOLBack in my hippy days I would have "rolled" wi... Read More »

How do i delete things i looked at on the internet i bought something for my husband dont want him to know!?

What browser are you using? In Internet Explorer click Tools > Clear browsing history.In Firefox click Tools > Clear private DataIn Chrome click the little wrench and then click Clear browsing data.

Why dont Hardware store employees know the basic things, like screw sizes?

People back then took pride in work, even a store clerk, now people have jobs to hold them off until they find a higher paying job or to buy some crap mp3 player, inanimate object or dime bag off w... Read More »