How to Distinguish between State and Federal Law?

Answer Distinguishing between state and federal law can be intimidating, even confusing, at first. Some areas are regulated by both state and federal governments (such as criminal law), while others are t... Read More »

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Who oversees safety of state workers in a federal OSHA state?

The Occupational Safety and Health State Plan Association (OSHSPA) ensures that its current 27 member states set and adhere to occupational safety and health plan standards that are "at least as ef... Read More »

How Is State Law Different From Federal Criminal Law?

Many criminal offenses are covered by both state and federal laws, each having different criteria for the offense and different sentences served in different prison systems, depending on whether th... Read More »

State Statutes Vs. Federal Law?

State statutes are created by state representative bodies. Federal statutes are created by the U.S. Congress. Federal law also comes from federal courts. In a conflict between the two types of law,... Read More »

What state has no federal income tax?

The U.S. government levies federal taxes, therefore residents with earned income in all 50 states must file federal income tax returns. The tax burden varies widely, depending on the rate of income... Read More »