How to Distinguish Renaissance Art From the Art of the Middle Ages?

Answer The transition from the Medieval period into the early Renaissance is a fascinating portion of history that took place mainly in the 14th century. The changes in beliefs and thought were directly r... Read More »

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Renaissance Activities for Middle School?

The Renaissance gave us some of the best and most important artistic and scientific advancements in history. Travel back in time with your students as they get to know the people, places and lifest... Read More »

Renaissance Faire Projects for Middle School?

The Renaissance invokes images of kings and queens, knights, dragons and wizards. It was a time when art thrived, thanks to the likes of Michelangelo, Shakespeare and da Vinci. If your middle schoo... Read More »

Did they have ovens in the middle ages?

What was autism like in the middle ages?

Autism is a modern term and concept and only in the last 15 years or so has been really considered a condition. Medicine in the middle ages was mainly based on superstition and anyone who was autis... Read More »