How to Distill Water From Ink?

Answer Modern inks are a complex blend of many chemicals. These include pigments or dyes to provide color, of course, but also polymeric resins, pH controls, anti-foaming agents and biocides. For this rea... Read More »

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Why we use distill water in inveter batteries not D.M water?

its because Distilled water is typically used in batteries (Automotive/Telecommunictions etc.) due to it's lack of mineral content and general purity. Using tap water in wet cells can create proble... Read More »

How to Distill Water in the Lab?

Distillation acts to separate mixtures of liquids with varying boiling points. It is a method of physical separation and no chemical reactions occur. The purpose of distilling water is to remove co... Read More »

How to Distill Salt Water?

The human body needs water to function. When you are faced with a survival situation when you must have water, there are occasions when you have access to salt water from sources such as the ocean.... Read More »

How to Distill Water From Vinegar?

Distillation is a process by which water is removed from a solution. Vinegar contains water that you can distill from the acid solution. Water that is removed from vinegar is pure and devoid of min... Read More »