How to Dissolve Slippery Elm Powder?

Answer Slippery elm powder is a form of alternative medicine made from the bark of the slippery elm tree. Alternative medicine enthusiasts use the powder to treat a variety of internal digestive issues, a... Read More »

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How to Dissolve Caked on Dishwasher Powder?

When a dishwasher's cycle doesn't complete or other issues prevent the dishwasher powder from dissolving it can cake or clump together in the dispenser. A poor seal on the dispenser door, inadequat... Read More »

Does baking powder help dissolve kidney stones?

You can't dissolve them. See:…

What can I use as white powder besides foundation powder and baby powder?

The kitchen cabinet should provide some Corn Starch.

What causes cloudiness and powder like formation in a swimming pool if the powder is a greenish brown color?

cloudy pool If you are refering to a white cloudiness, There are two reasons for this one is not enough sanitizer or chlorine it should be between 2.0-5.0. The other is poor circulation either your... Read More »