How to Dissolve Borax?

Answer Borax, or sodium metaborate, mixed with water creates a stable solution with a variety of uses. Cleaning agents, weed killers and slime all start with a borax solution. Dissolving borax in water ta... Read More »

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What is the pH of borax?

Borax is an alkaline (basic) solution, commonly used as a buffer. Its pH is equal to the dissociation constant (pKa) of the chemical's parent acid. Borax is derived from boric acid, which has a pKa... Read More »

What is ingesting Borax used for?

While Borax contains a low level of toxins, it is not intended for internal ingestion. While ingesting small amounts of Borax (a teaspoon or less) are not considered harmful, larger amounts can be... Read More »

How to Bathe in Borax?

Many people are aware that Borax is most commonly used as a laundry detergent. According to, however, Borax is also an ingredient found in bath salts. Borax is an all natural ... Read More »

How do I use borax as a soap?

Liquid SoapUse a funnel, and pour 1/8 cup borax powder into a clean, empty 1 gallon jug. Fill the jug with cold water and shake. Within a few minutes, a clear liquid will separate out on top, which... Read More »