How to Diss Someone?

Answer Don't you get tired of somebody being mean to you and then they expect you to be nice to them? Yea well first is first, you have to learn how to be mean.come up with good comebacks before hand so t... Read More »

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How to Diss a Bully?

Do you have a bully who won't leave you alone? Well read more and see what you can do to dis them up!!

RHH: What's the best diss song ever except for "hit em up"?

Do you think anything by Eminem isn't "dope"?Ether, probably, because it was such a big deal. There are more lyrical disses, but none as important as Takeover or Ether.

Tokio Hotel Family: What are your thoughts on the Tokio Hotel Diss?

Wow.....Now that was the lamest thing i've ever heard in my entire life..That guy must have a lot of time on his hands...........& serious issues.As for the article about TH winning....YAY!+PollI'v... Read More »