How to Dispute Public Records on a Credit Report?

Answer The public records section of your credit report lists items that required legal adjudication, such as a foreclosure, judgment or bankruptcy. One exception is a tax lien, which the IRS can place on... Read More »

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How do I dispute a credit report?

Sometimes incorrect information shows up in a credit report, where it can cause you to pay more for credit or negatively affect your ability to get insurance, a job or a place to live. It can be a ... Read More »

How do i dispute my credit report?

A good credit report is not just important for getting loans, credit cards and mortgages, but now many companies consider your credit score when determining whether to offer you employment. If you ... Read More »

How do i dispute something on my credit report?

There are three main credit bureaus in the United States: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. If you've discovered an inaccuracy on your credit report, it's important to dispute it right away. To do ... Read More »

How do I dispute a collection on my credit report?

It's a fact that most credit files have incorrect information contained in them. This can be caused by many different factors. Regardless of the reason, incorrectly reported negative items on a cre... Read More »