How to Dispose of a Broken Sofa?

Answer An easy way to rid yourself of that worn-out or broken sofa is to simply sit it out by the road in the hopes that the garbage man, or someone else, will haul it away. Unfortunately most garbage pic... Read More »

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How to Dispose of a Sofa?

Let's face it: the torn, stained, broken sofa you've had forever is just gathering dust in your basement. Or perhaps you've moved from a larger house and don't have have enough room for all of your... Read More »

How do you dispose of an old broken up camcorder?

You shouldn't throw it in the garbage. Check with your town or city for an electronic waste dropoff. These may be arranged a few times a year in larger communities.

How do I dispose of broken fluorescent light bulbs?

Clear the room in which the broken bulb is located. Do not let anyone, pets included, walk through the bulb debris. Open the windows for ventilation and turn off any central heating or cooling unit... Read More »

What is the difference between a modern sofa and a contemporary sofa?

Modern and contemporary furniture are two distinct styles, but for many, the terms are used interchangeably. Although there are certain similarities between the styles, it is important to recognize... Read More »