How to Dispose of Waste Oil by Blending It With Diesel?

Answer Disposing of used motor oil can be a hassle. Collection, storage and delivery of the oil to a processing center all pose financial and environmental risks. By mixing used motor oil with diesel fuel... Read More »

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Can I Mix Veggie Oil Waste With Diesel & Run on It?

While it is not possible to just start pouring vegetable waste into any car, you can convert a diesel vehicle to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO). This conversion poses a hefty initial investment b... Read More »

Negative Aspects of Diesel Fuel & Oil Blending?

One of the recent trends of mixing diesel fuel with oils, creating a product known as biodiesel, has been lauded by many as an ecologist's dream come true. However, there are more than enough reaso... Read More »

How do I Dispose of Chemotherapy Waste?

Chemotherapy waste contains powerful drugs, as well as human blood and infectious liquids. For this reason, it is considered a hazardous medical waste product and must be treated differently than o... Read More »

How to Dispose of Oil Spill Waste?

Every day, Americans dispose of motor oil from cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, boats and farm equipment. If this synthetic or petroleum-based oil is not recycled, it could contaminate soil and wate... Read More »