How to Dispose of VHS Tapes?

Answer Many people are looking to get rid of their collection of VHS tapes because they have become obsolete due to DVD-discs and Blu-Ray discs. Here are a few suggestions on how to do this.

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Can you reuse video camera tapes once full (Like polaroid mini DV tapes)?

I've been re-using my mini DV tapes for years. It's been said that you can re-use them until they break. I mark them each time I re-use one and trash it after the tenth time. Here's hoping you have... Read More »

Most vhs tapes my vcr tapes on, wont play on other vcr players, why?

Laura i worked in the video industry 13 yearsthe prob is the tracking from 1 vhs recorder to the other?the tape you recorded should work if you adjust the tracking , some video heads are better on ... Read More »

How do i get rid of my old VCR tapes?

take them down to a fast food place sit them all down (with their backs to the door) tell them you'll get the burgers and just tiptoe out of the door.failing that put them all in a big bag,put the ... Read More »

Who invented VHS tapes?

VHS tapes were originally invented by JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Limited) in 1976. Although videocassettes were available prior to 1976, the invention of the VHS tape led to its mass commerciali... Read More »