How to Dispose of Bentonite?

Answer Bentonite is an absorbent clay that has aluminum properties and is formed out of volcanic ash. While commonly found in beauty products to absorb high amounts of oil in the skin, bentonite is also o... Read More »

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How to Mix Bentonite?

Bentonite clay is often used medicinally to clear the body of toxins, heavy metals and free radicals. It works through expansion after blending with a liquid. Contaminants are drawn into the negati... Read More »

Bentonite Lifespan?

Bentonite clay is a substance long known for its healing properties and purported ability to increase longevity in human beings. In its natural state, the lifespan is not accurately recorded, but b... Read More »

How to Use Natural Bentonite Gel?

Bentonite is a natural clay made of volcanic ash deposits. People used to create poultices out of bentonite for health. Because it retains water well, today's cosmetics producers use it to create a... Read More »

How to Use NOW Bentonite Powder?

NOW Bentonite powder is a bentonite clay-based nutritional supplement manufactured and distributed by the NOW food company. Bentonite clay is a volcanic clay used as an intestinal detoxifier to abs... Read More »