How to Display the Task Bar Across Two Monitors?

Answer If you need to expand your desktop in order to work with two full-screen programs at once, you can do this with a dual monitor setup. Unfortunately, the Windows task bar does not stretch across bot... Read More »

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In Windows XP, how can I span my display across two monitors?

A VGA splitter cable will only ever be able to send the same signal to both monitors. In order to spread your display over 2 monitors you would need to install a second graphics/video card into you... Read More »

How do I extend a task bar across multiple screens?

Right-click anywhere on the computer's desktop and select "Properties." Click on the "Settings" tab. Click on the monitor screen icon labeled "1." This is your main screen where the task bar is cur... Read More »

How to Stretch a Desktop Across Two Monitors?

Stretch a desktop across two monitors to expand your workspace and increase productivity. Extending your desktop also allows you to drag and drop windows and applications from one monitor screen to... Read More »

How to Display Two Monitors?

Setting up dual monitors to share applications and documents between monitors is easy. However, getting the monitors to display properly is not always a simple task. Often when the dual monitors ar... Read More »