How to Display Line Number in VI Editor?

Answer Vi is a text editor program included in every release of the Unix (Linux) operating system. The vi editor includes powerful features to manipulate text documents with, but it has neither a convenie... Read More »

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How to Copy a Line in VI Editor?

The Vi family of text editors may be nearly 30 years old, but among many old-school programmers they are far from dead. Ports of the powerful, text-driven editor exist for nearly every operating sy... Read More »

How can i display data from an excel file into a MS Sharepoint Website, using MS Sharepoint editor.?

You did not specify which version/s you are using, so we will assume it to be 2007. MS-Excel and SharePoint 2007 offer interactive features that simplify many collaborative tasks. Here is a look ... Read More »

How do you fix a plasma display that has a line over it?

Answer HI, Call your TV repairman. It's a driver board that's gone out, and pray that you purchased an extended warranty program or that it's still under warranty. Either that or be prepared to sh... Read More »

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