How to Display Dried Flowers?

Answer Dried flowers are beautiful and deserve to be displayed as such. There are many ways to display dried flowers; it just takes a little imagination. Does this Spark an idea?

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What is best glue for dried flowers?

On One Hand: Botanical GlueSpecial types of glue are made for working with flowers and other plants. Botanical Glue is a top choice of scrapbookers according to This glue adhe... Read More »

How to Send Dried Flowers?

Sending dried flowers can be an extremely romantic gesture, as long as you are sure that the person understand that this is a gift with good intentions. Many people like dried flowers, at they don'... Read More »

What can you use to spray on dried flowers?

After flowers have been dried, you can preserve them with hairspray, clear lacquer spray or clear craft adhesive spray. Simply spray a layer over the flowers, taking care to cover every part includ... Read More »

How do i preserve dried flowers?

Dried flowers are a beautiful addition to any home, and a lovely gift idea. Drying flowers so that they maintain their shape and color can be challenging, but there are a number of simple strategie... Read More »