How to Display Candles, Soaps & Lotions in a Store?

Answer When displaying candles, soaps and lotions in a store, you want to offer an arrangement that is both visually pleasing and makes it easy for customers to find the products they desire. Displays can... Read More »

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Homemade Soaps & Lotions?

Homemade soaps and lotions are thrifty yet indulgent ways to pamper yourself without the harsh fillers that are generally found in commercial beauty products. Homemade soaps and lotions also make t... Read More »

Natural Homemade Lotions, Soaps & Toiletries Recipes?

Making your own lotions, toiletries and soaps can save money but also personalize your skin care routine. In some cases, making your own can cost more time and money than buying the stuff, but can ... Read More »

The Best Way to Store Glycerin Soaps?

If you purchase a bar of glycerin soap or receive one as a gift, or if you make your own handmade glycerin soap bars, you need to store the bars properly to avoid damage. Glycerin soaps are extreme... Read More »

How to Test Computers That Are on Display at the Store?

Early version of the MacBook ProIf you're about to buy a computer and are eye-ing a specific desktop or laptop PC at your local retail store, you need to make sure it is fast and stable before you ... Read More »