How to Dispel Negative Myths About Metalheads?

Answer To many people, heavy metal is the best genre of music in existence. To many other people, however, metalheads are seen as lazy, loud, or just plain dangerous. If you wish to change people's opinio... Read More »

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Myths on Negative Ions & Hair?

When shopping for hair styling products and tools, it can be a little puzzling. Trying to understand the differences between products that work and those that simply use complicated terms to sound ... Read More »

Metalheads what is your opinion on these bands?

Hollywood Undead- Complete GarbageLinkin Park - I liked their first 2 albumsRage against the machine - Meh, boringSlipknot - Stupid overrated untalented bandDisturbed - Okay for hard rock, decent s... Read More »

R&P... Calling all Metalheads for Duty!?

True f..ucking metalhead reporting for duty, sir!! Death and black are my favorite genres. High five!

R&P: If you could remove a song off your favorite album.....(plus BQs; metalheads I need your help please)?

Hmm, well being that my favorite album by Led Zeppelin is IV...and honestly speaking, I love every single song on it, but I would say Houses of the Holy comes in second place. Although I can see th... Read More »