How to Dismount a Horse?

Answer If getting up was hard, well this is a piece of cake! It's very easy when you know how! And you get down how?

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How to Emergency Dismount from a Horse?

An emergency dismount is when you get off of a moving horse. It is one of the most basic safety movements and everyone who rides should be able to do it. It is also sometimes called "bailing out". ... Read More »

How to Mount and Dismount a Horse Properly?

You've got the horse. You've got the "Know How." All you need now is to be able to get on and off!

How to Dismount Tires?

There are two ways to change the tires on your car; you can either pay extra to have them professionally fitted, or you can save money by buying tires through a discount outlet and fitting them you... Read More »

How to Dismount Car Tires?

Dismounting a tire separates the rubber tire from the metal rim. To successfully dismount a tire you must first remove the wheel from the vehicle. You will need several tools to remove the wheel an... Read More »