How to Dismiss an Old Employee?

Answer The dismissal of an employee can be difficult, especially so when the employee is a member of what is referred to as a "protected class." Protected classes include all workers against whom it is il... Read More »

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How do I dismiss my public defender?

Dismissing your public defender does not require much: just make a request to the court. But such issues as when you decide to fire your court-appointed attorney and who will step in to represent y... Read More »

What Is a Declaration in a Motion to Dismiss?

A motion to dismiss is a formal request to have a legal complaint removed from the court system. The declaration section in a motion to dismiss request is a supporting statement that argues in favo... Read More »

How to Dismiss a Membership From the Church?

While anyone is welcome to join whichever type of church they would like, each church has its own rules for membership and what it expects of each member. Even though membership is completely volun... Read More »

How to Dismiss a Civil Lawsuit?

Because the legal fees associated with civil lawsuits are staggering, most cases never go to trial. After a complainant files suit, the respondent, the person being sued, can contest the complaint ... Read More »