How to Dismiss a Traffic Ticket in Sealy, Texas?

Answer If you have received a traffic citation in Sealy, Texas, and you believe that the ticket was issued in error, you have three options to obtain a dismissal of the charge. First, you can choose to ma... Read More »

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What is a traffic ticket?

Traffic tickets are citations that document violations of the motor vehicle code. When a police officer or highway patrol officer observes a violation, the driver almost always receives a traffic t... Read More »

How do i pay my traffic ticket?

The traffic ticket you received should have an address and phone number on it. If you want to pay with a check or money order by mail, follow the directions on the ticket. Enclose your payment and ... Read More »

What happens if you don't pay a traffic ticket?

Generally speaking, you should pay your traffic tickets as soon as possible. Unless you have valid cause to contest the ticket, the financial and physical consequences of nonpayment will only incre... Read More »

Ever have a traffic ticket What for?

~~Yes it was horrible and stupid. My daughter was six months old and had a 106 fever. I was taking her to the pediatrician and was speeding, being scared to death! I saw a motorcycle cop with his r... Read More »