How to Dismiss a Civil Lawsuit?

Answer Because the legal fees associated with civil lawsuits are staggering, most cases never go to trial. After a complainant files suit, the respondent, the person being sued, can contest the complaint ... Read More »

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Are civil lawsuit settlements taxable?

On One Hand: Civil Law Suite Settlements May Be TaxableCivil lawsuit settlements related to employment will be taxable to the extent the settlement involves back wages or salary. Any portion of a s... Read More »

How to File a Civil Lawsuit in Baltimore?

Filing for a civil lawsuit involves plenty of paperwork and you need to fill out several forms before the case can begin. In Baltimore, go to the clerk of the court office, located at 101 West Lomb... Read More »

How to Claim Disability in a Civil Lawsuit?

State and federal laws protect workers from discrimination because of disability. Federal law defines a disability as any "physical or mental condition that substantially limits a major life activi... Read More »

How Do I Respond to a Civil Lawsuit for a Repossessed Vehicle?

You should always file a response to a civil lawsuit, according to Law Help. Issuing a response gives you the opportunity to defend yourself against accusations and claims made in the lawsuit. If y... Read More »