How to Dislodge a Toy in the Toilet?

Answer If your child enjoys splashing his toys in water, he may accidentally drop a toy in the toilet and then flush the toy down the drain. Due to the compact space of toilet drainpipes, a flushed toy ca... Read More »

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What is the best way to dislodge fat slob from my garburator?

Unplug the TV and throw a donut out the front window!

Which way do you twist the valve underneath the toilet to turn off the water Left or right facing toilet?

When I Flush the Toilet, It Gurgles for a Long Time at the Bottom of the Toilet Bowl?

A toilet employs the laws of physics in a simple and useful way. When you flush it, water flows into the curved pipe hidden inside its unassuming porcelain exterior and thence into the waste line, ... Read More »

How to Remove Toilet Plunger Rubber Marks From Toilet Bowls?

While your traditional rubber plunger is effective in repairing a clogged toilet, the plunger itself often leaves behind dark rubber residue that sticks to the toilet bowl after you have plunged th... Read More »