How to Dislodge a Toy in the Toilet?

Answer If your child enjoys splashing his toys in water, he may accidentally drop a toy in the toilet and then flush the toy down the drain. Due to the compact space of toilet drainpipes, a flushed toy ca... Read More »

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What is the best way to dislodge fat slob from my garburator?

Unplug the TV and throw a donut out the front window!

Can i still use toilet bleach in the toilet pan when using duck fresh discs?

Yes but don't use bleach with liquid cleaners. It can give off chlorine which is toxic.

When I Flush the Toilet, It Gurgles for a Long Time at the Bottom of the Toilet Bowl?

A toilet employs the laws of physics in a simple and useful way. When you flush it, water flows into the curved pipe hidden inside its unassuming porcelain exterior and thence into the waste line, ... Read More »

What is the standard distance of the toilet roll holder from the toilet?

It is preferable if the toilet roll holder is placed within the toilet itself. Usually it is within reach of the person using the toilet.