How to Disk Swap on a PlayStation?

Answer Disk swapping is a art envied beyond all recognition. If you want play ps1 games with a burnt disk. this is helpful. For this you need to have to disk tray open, you will have to do this yourself s... Read More »

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How to Swap Disk Drives in PS3s?

The PlayStation 3 video game console offers you the option to save game progress and downloaded content from the PlayStation Network onto an internal hard drive. Depending on the version of the con... Read More »

How to Swap Hard Disk Drive Platters?

This is an article regarding swapping hard drive platters. This is not a procedure for the technically inept or faint hearted. The following carries no guarantees, and defiantly voids and nullifies... Read More »

How to swap all the files and folders from one local disk to another?

You can go into My Computer, and click on the hard disk you want to move files from. Open it up and locate your files. Then, go to EDIT > COPY and then click into the other hard disk you want to mo... Read More »

If you had to be on the tv show "Wife Swap" who would they pick to swap w/ you?

OHH! Fun question! I watch that show all the time during naptime on the dvr...Uhm, lets see.Opposite of me would be like a super conservative (meet the duggers type), she would be a clean freak, h... Read More »