How to Disinfect Toys?

Answer Disinfecting toys is sometimes needed after a child or other family member has been sick and has come in contact with the toys. Another reason may be that the toys have been in a dirty environment,... Read More »

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How to Disinfect Baby Toys?

Because babies put virtually everything in their mouths, it's important that their toys be properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of germs. Saliva from their mouths and discharge fr... Read More »

How to Disinfect a Brush?

Cleaning and disinfecting your brushes will keep your hair care tools in tip-top condition. The natural oils from your scalp and the styling products you use will allow dirt to accumulate on hair b... Read More »

How do you disinfect a bathtub?

Answer Calculate (or approximate) the volume in cubic feet the size of your pool and multiply by 7.48. A round pool 18' in diameter, and 3' deep would be (3.14159*9*9*3*7.48)=5,710 gallons. The for... Read More »

How do I disinfect plants?

Disinfecting PlantsFill a bucket with a mixture of 19 parts water and one part bleach. Dip a dry, soft cloth into the water. Use the cloth to wipe down the foliage of the plants, dipping the cloth ... Read More »