How to Disguise a Pumpkin Project?

Answer When most people think of crafts with pumpkins, they think of carving pumpkins into frightening or funny jack-o'-lanterns. But "pumpkin disguise" projects put a new spin on creativity and pumpkins,... Read More »

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Disguise a Pumpkin Project Ideas?

The original idea behind carving pumpkins evolved from the Irish, who used carved turnips to scare away the spirit of a man named Jack who was so evil he was cast out of both heaven and hell. When... Read More »

How to Decorate a Real Pumpkin Step-by-Step Without Carving for a School Project?

The ghoulish toothy grin of a lit pumpkin is an icon during the celebration of Halloween. Creating these grins is an activity that can be done in the classroom to accompany a lesson about the holid... Read More »

What Is The Difference Between A Japanese Pumpkin And A Regular Pumpkin?…Does it look like that? That is also called a Kabocha squash, you can cook it like any other hard squash ie cut in half, spoon out the seeds and put some ... Read More »

How to Make Pumpkin Spice Cake Without the Pumpkin?

This may not sound like your traditional pumpkin bread or cake but it sure does taste like it!