How to Disguise Stored Bathroom Items?

Answer Puzzled? Tired of those necessary cortortions finding refills or cleaning products in those floor-level under-sink cabinets? Cosmetics on the dressing table or countertops? Don't have a linen close... Read More »

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Can leather items be stored in a vacuum bag?

Never store leather goods in a plastic bag or vacuum bag. Storing the leather in this manner typically causes mildew growth and irreversible damage. For best results, store leather in a ventilated ... Read More »

How do I reduce mildew on stored items?

PreventionMildew develops in moist, warm areas. To prevent mildew from developing in your storage areas, make sure you have proper ventilation. Fans, ventilators or dry, electric heating units can ... Read More »

Does renters insurance cover items stored in garage?

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How to Use Household Pantry and Bathroom Items to Remove Acne?

Ever got a pimple the day before a special occasion? Well here are a few ways to get rid of your zits using household items.