How to Discuss a Former Employer in an Interview?

Answer During an employment interview, you may be asked many questions, including questions about your former employer or employment history. These questions are standard questions for an interview and he... Read More »

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How to Remain on Good Terms With a Former Employer?

Employers are friendly when they are approached in the right time and they are genuine. Some employers seek to wrestle with the problems than try to solve it. Majority of them are humane in their d... Read More »

How to Quit Your Job Correctly and Maintain a Good Relationship with Former Employer?

Quitting a job can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience. Follow these steps in order to quit your job correctly and maintain a good relationship with former employer.

How to Interview with a Foreign Employer to Get the Job (TN Visa Applicants)?

If you think it’s more difficult to get a job as a Canadian with a U.S. employer or as an American with a Canadian employer, you’re wrong. Due to the shortage of qualified professionals, the si... Read More »