How to Discuss Safe Sex on a First Date?

Answer Safe sex is paramount, so there should be no difficulty in ever discussing it. Even if it is on a sex date.

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How to Be Safe on a First Date?

First dates are essential to the further growth and development of any relationship. However, for women, safety should be remembered when meeting or dating a guy for the first time.

Is it safe to eat nutella after it's best before date?

Go for it! Nutella isn't perishable and if it's unopened, even better. "Best before" simply means the QUALITY of the food may not be at it's best after that date, not the SAFETY. It's "use by" date... Read More »

Is it safe to date online?

On One Hand: Millions of People Do ItMillions of people have safely used Internet dating sites. By reviewing photos and profile information, it is easy to learn about people and determine whether o... Read More »

How many weeks past a due date is safe?

I have been overdue 4 weeks with 2 out of my 3 babies and they were all fine and so was I. Of course this varies from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy. Consult a OB-GYN and get regular pre... Read More »