How to Discretely Urinate Outside if You're a Woman Wearing Trousers or Shorts?

Answer Ladies, if you're bursting for the loo with nowhere to go and you're wearing trousers or shorts this is your article.

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How to Urinate Discreetly Outside when Wearing a Dress?

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From where does a woman urinate?

every female has 3 holes anal hole....a vaginal hole which is where the baby comes out from and the penis is inserted in during sexual intercourse....& the hole leading 2 the urinary bladde... Read More »

How to Urinate Standing up Without a Device if You're a Woman?

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What do you think of girls wearing UGGS with shorts?

I think it'd be cute. It's kind of ironic to wear boots with shorts, but isn't that what to kids are into these days? :-P I personally really like shorts with boots--adding tights can make it less ... Read More »