How to Discover What You Really Want from a New Career?

Answer Here are some tips to help you in the career discoveryprocess. You can do them in any order that you'd like, and feel free to skip any that you're not comfortable with. Achieving your dream career ... Read More »

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I am 13 and I want a job with computers but I don't know what career in computing I want to do!?

Check out:……Good luck!I've been a software engineer for many years and love the challenge of computer programming!

You want to to join the Marines but dont want to be disgharged you want to have a career in the Marines what to do?

When the time comes, you have the choice to either leave or reenlist. You just choose to reenlist, and your contract gets extended.

Myspace...i really want one. Should i get one or stay away from them..and are they really that BAD Thanks =]?

They aren't bad, people just really blow up the whole idea of myspace.

What do men really want from women?

The notion that men want to be "challenged" is a fallacy. When it comes to committing to a long-term relationship, most men want a woman who is simply enjoyable to be around and who makes his life ... Read More »