How to Discourage Dogs From Urinating on Trees?

Answer Urinating on trees is a natural behavior for dogs, especially for male dogs. If this behavior becomes problematic, you can train your dog to avoid urinating in the undesired location. Using positiv... Read More »

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How to Discourage Dogs from Pooping in Your Garden?

If your lawn or garden seem to always be the toilet target of neighborhood dogs (and their rather unobservant owners), it's likely that you're looking for good solutions to a nasty doggy habit. Thi... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Dogs Urinating in the Bed?

If not trained, dogs can wet the bed just as some people can. Many dogs are sent to shelters every year because of improper housebreaking. By taking the responsibility to properly train your dog, y... Read More »

Are crabapple trees poisonous to dogs?

Crabapples from crabapple trees are toxic to dogs. The stems, leaves and seeds of the crabapple contain cyanogenic glycoside, which causes death of cells. Small dogs have a higher risk of death fro... Read More »

Are Cedar Trees Poisonous to Dogs?

One particular deciduous species, known as the white cedar, melia azedarach, is poisonous to dogs. It has several other names: the Ceylon cedar, bead tree, Japanese bead tree, China ball tree, para... Read More »