How to Disconnect the Timer on a GE Oven?

Answer GE ovens have an electronic control that is used to control all of the oven's functions. The electronic oven control also houses the display, which shows information such as the oven temperature, k... Read More »

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How Do I Use the Timer on a Whirlpool Digital Oven?

Whirpool digital ovens come with a timer that allows you to set hours and minutes up to 12 hours and 59 minutes. The timer allows you to set for a specific time but will not stop and start the ove... Read More »

My oven has an auto timer so it switches off,but will my bread continue to cook too much with the door shut?

Yes, it will continue to cook because the heat is still in the oven. Even when the oven is turned off the heat remains and dissipates gradually. I wouldn't leave the bread more than 5 minutes mor... Read More »

Can you change electricity from 120V to 240V in your kitchen so that you could use a new electric oven instead of an old gas oven?

Answer NoThe wiring isn't big enough to carry the load of an electric rangeChristmas is no time for a fire!Call an electrician!

How do you convert from stove top and built in oven to a regular 30 inch oven with the hook up being a large pipe under the cabinet?

what is the question? I have that refrigeratorhow do you clean the water drain tube from the freezer