How to Disconnect the Power Steering Line From the Power Steering Pump?

Answer The power steering line is a high-pressure line that carries power steering fluid from the power steering pump into the steering column. If the line is damaged, it will need to be replaced. The lin... Read More »

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How to Remove a Power Steering Pump & Increase Power?

By removing the power steering pump on your car, you can expect a horsepower and torque increase. The power steering pump draws energy from the motor so that it can spin the pulley and create power... Read More »

How to Fix a Power Steering Line?

A leaky power steering line can make a vehicle difficult to steer, and it can cause the vehicle to become a danger to you, your passengers and others on the road. A leaking power steering line can ... Read More »

How to Remove a Power Steering Line?

Power steering used to be a luxury feature on some vehicles, but today, it seems like most cars and trucks have some form of assisted steering. Most cars use a hydraulic system to aid in turning, a... Read More »

How to Replace a Car Power Steering Pump?

The power steering pump is an integral part of your car's power steering system. If your power steering doesn't work, your safety and security could be hampered. Learn how to replace a defective pu... Read More »