How to Disconnect an Aftermarket Car Alarm for a 1997 Ford Explorer?

Answer It's frustrating and embarrassing when a car alarm goes off for no apparent reason. The resulting noise attracts a lot of attention, mostly unwanted. The good news is that it's easy to dismantle an... Read More »

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How to Install an Aftermarket Headunit in a Ford Explorer?

Headunits are what plays the actual music in your car. They are what you see. They come in many varieties. You should do research before buying one as there are many choices. My installation was in... Read More »

How to Disconnect the Horn in a 1997 Ford F-150 Pickup?

There are times when a horn relay sticks, causing the horn to continually blow, and it would be helpful to know how it is disconnected. Other times, the horn will not blow and needs to be removed a... Read More »

Where are the O2 sensors on the 1997 Ford Explorer?

The 1997 Ford Explorer has a duel exhaust system that uses two catalytic converters and four oxygen sensors. There are two oxygen sensors located upstream--between each catalytic converter and the ... Read More »

How to Take off the Rotor on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT?

The front brake rotors on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT are a part of the braking system. As the brake pads wear down, so do the brake rotors, and they replacement or resurfacing. Doing so is not a comp... Read More »