How to Disconnect a Ford A/C Fitting?

Answer Air conditioning repair can be one of the most costly tasks on your Ford vehicle. Replacing the AC compressor ranks up there as one of the most expensive replacement procedures, but if you need to ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Oil Cooler Quick Disconnect Fitting on a 5.7 GM?

The 5.7l engine found in some older GM vehicles uses an oil cooler to keep the engine oil temperature down to a manageable temperature. The oil gets to the oil cooler by way of the oil cooler lines... Read More »

Fitting Instructions for a Ford Focus Roof Bar?

The Ford Focus is not factory equipped with a roof rack, but aftermarket roof racks are available and are installed after the purchase of the car. The roof bars of a roof rack, which are the bars t... Read More »

How to Disconnect Ford Escape VSS?

The vehicle speed sensor, or VSS, monitors the rotation of the Ford Escape's transmission. It sends this information to the power control module to help it determine shifting patterns as well as th... Read More »

How to Disconnect Ford Fuel Lines?

Ford vehicles have several fuel lines that send fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel pump and from there to the combustion chanbers in the engine. Most fuel lines are exposed to road debris and wate... Read More »