How to Disconnect a Battery While a Car Is Running?

Answer Some people believe disconnecting a car's battery with the engine running is an easy way to tell if the car's alternator is working. The problem with this line of thinking is that the battery does ... Read More »

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How to Disconnect a Battery Cable While the Engine Is Running?

The battery supplies the amperage needed to start a vehicle and run some of the vehicle's minor systems such as the dome light or the radio's memory. After the vehicle is running, the alternator su... Read More »

How long will my car battery last while running my xbox 360 and a tv?

Ok not to burst your bubble here.I am a certified electrician but I also know a lot about car electronics. Right of the bat. NO power inverter that uses a cigarette lighter port will not be capable... Read More »

Heavy battery drain while running facebook on Samsung Galaxy S3?

You are saying FB highly consumes you battery, it is wrong if you turnoff your FB also it consumes if you have switched on the GPRS. All the time it will search for network it highly uses your batt... Read More »

97 kawasaki Jet ski oil running out of exhaust after running and blows while running?

no it cant effect cruise ships. They are to large and the cruise will go right through the oil with no problems. so don't worry and have a great vacation