How to Disconnect Stove Fan Hoods?

Answer Whether you want to update your stove's vent hood with a new model or simply remove it for deep cleaning, removing a fan hood is a relatively simple task. Use safety precautions when disconnecting ... Read More »

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How to Refinish Stove Hoods?

You can alter the appearance of your stove hood by refinishing it with the appropriate coating. Before you begin, consider some important points. Stove hoods are made of metal, a nonporous surface ... Read More »

Stove with a 3 prong plug and you just moved to a home with a 4 prong outlet for the stove Is there an adapter you can buy to plug in your stove?

Heating element in stove broke can I replace it or do I have to buy a new stove?

You sure can buy a new one. I have done it many times. Get the model number and the brand name of your stove and you can even order one online. But if you have a place close by, it will be cheap... Read More »

Buck Stove Wood Stove Installation Instructions?

Wood-burning stoves, such as the Buck Model 261, can be used as an addition to gas heat to provide warmth to your home during the winter. A wood-burning stove can also be installed in a garage or a... Read More »