How to Disconnect & Remove the Drive Shaft on a 2002 Ford Ranger for Towing?

Answer When looking to tow your 2002 Ranger, there are certain precautions you must take to prevent damage or unnecessary wear to your truck. One is disconnecting the driveshaft. On the two-wheel-drive 20... Read More »

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How to Remove a Drive Shaft for Towing?

There are a few different ways that you can tow a rear-wheel drive vehicle behind a truck or trailer. Two of those methods involve the rear wheels staying on the ground. However, the wheels will sp... Read More »

How to Remove the Drive Shaft on a Silverado for Towing?

Removing the driveshaft when towing your Silverado can save excess wear on your transmission and differential. The driveshaft itself is easy to remove and re-install. Before removing the driveshaf... Read More »

How to Remove the Drive Shaft From a 2000 Tundra for Towing?

Removing the rear drive shaft from your 2000 Toyota Tundra to tow the truck will prevent wear and damage to the transfer case, transmission and other driveline components. Running from the rear axl... Read More »

How to Replace the Front Drive Shaft on a Ford Ranger?

The front drive shaft on a Ford Ranger connects the transfer case to the front axle. When your Ford Ranger is shifted into four-wheel drive, the transfer case splits the power generated by the engi... Read More »