How to Disconnect Propane Bottles?

Answer Propane bottles must be removed from their connections periodically for transportation and refilling. All propane tanks have built-in safety devices which assist the user in connecting and disconne... Read More »

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What is the age limit for propane bottles?

Propane bottles must be re-qualified within 12 years of the stamped date if the bottle is without a marked letter, representing a hydrostatic test; within seven years, if it has a date followed by ... Read More »

How to Refill 1 Lb. Disposable Propane Bottles?

While on camping trips, 1 lb. disposable bottles of propane are extremely convenient for taking care of your heating or lighting needs. However, it seems a waste to have to buy a whole new bottle e... Read More »

How long do camp stove propane bottles stay good?

Propane does not break down over time. Single-use propane cylinders and bottles designed for camp stoves and lanterns have an indefinite shelf life when properly stored. Disposable propane bottles ... Read More »

How long do coleman camp stove propane bottles stay good?

Propane canisters made for Coleman camp stoves have a shelf life of about five to seven years. To ensure a canister's maximum shelf life, store it in a dry area and protect it from rapid or extreme... Read More »