How to Disconnect Ford Escape VSS?

Answer The vehicle speed sensor, or VSS, monitors the rotation of the Ford Escape's transmission. It sends this information to the power control module to help it determine shifting patterns as well as th... Read More »

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How to Disconnect a Ford A/C Fitting?

Air conditioning repair can be one of the most costly tasks on your Ford vehicle. Replacing the AC compressor ranks up there as one of the most expensive replacement procedures, but if you need to ... Read More »

How to Disconnect the Cruise Control on a Ford?

On many Ford vehicles, a known cruise control switch problem will cause the module to corrode and eventually catch fire. Many owners have opted to simply turn off or disconnect the cruise control m... Read More »

How to Disconnect the Battery in My Ford Edge?

You may need to disconnect the negative cable on the battery in your Ford Edge if you plan to store the vehicle or replace the battery if it dies. Disconnecting your battery can be accomplished in ... Read More »

How to Disconnect a Ford Fuel Line?

Unlike many other manufacturers, the Ford Motor Company engineers developed a special retaining clip in order to hold the fuel lines in place. While more common variations of automotive fuel lines ... Read More »