How to Disclose a Secret to Someone?

Answer Do you keep any secrets that must be disclosed? Then read on and hopefully you'll be able to tell the secrets to anyone without feeling awkward.

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What does a notice to disclose mean?

A notice to disclose is a legal document used in family law, most commonly in divorce settlements. Its purpose is to state what details of an individual's financial information must be made availab... Read More »

How to Disclose a Criminal Record?

Sometimes finding out if a person has a criminal record is a matter of safety and personal protection. Parents would want to find out if the person tutoring their child is trustworthy. Mothers woul... Read More »

How to Disclose Income for Section 8?

Section 8 is a government program that provides rental help to low-income, elderly and disabled persons. The public housing agency with authority over the rental area handles the Section 8 applicat... Read More »

Does a buyer have to disclose a bankruptcy?

A buyer applying for a loan will need to disclose a bankruptcy to the lender, but not to the seller or seller's agent, if real estate is involved. The bankruptcy will show up on a credit report. Yo... Read More »