How to Discipline a 4 Year Old?

Answer If you're a parent/guardian/babysitter and you have a misbehaving 4 year old on the loose this article can help you!

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How should I discipline my 4 year old?

Start taking away privileges.First, take away her cigarettes, and if her bad behaviour continues, alcohol is the next thing to go. That's how my mother used to discipline me.

How do you discipline your 1 year old?

Belle is 11 months and we just say "No" Firm but not loud. My husband version of not loud and mine are different though... But that is it right now. I still think she is too young to really do anyt... Read More »

How to Discipline a 10-Year-Old Daughter?

Your 10-year-old daughter is in the pre-adolescent stage of her life. You may be noticing her going through changes and challenging your authority. This is a time in which you want to build her sel... Read More »

Help Discipline my 4 year old little girl?

Wow, it sure seems like you have your hands full. Working, parenting 4 children is not an easy thing to do. It must be hard to focus on each child as an individual, but children need to know that t... Read More »