How to Discipline Children in the Classroom?

Answer So, you're wondering what happened to the post card classroom where all the children are learning to their full potential, following all the rules and devouring every nugget of your wisdom. Somehow... Read More »

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What is classroom discipline?

Classroom discipline is a major part of every teacher's job. Limiting disruptions, dealing with unruly students and keeping schoolwork as the main focus are the goals of classroom discipline.TypesT... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Discipline in the Classroom?

Students need discipline for several reasons during the school day. Many times, though, some of these disciplinable offenses can be prevented with proper classroom management and planning ahead. Ha... Read More »

Classroom Discipline Consequences?

America's oldest public school, The English High School, states that its mission for success is based on the commitment to challenge each student academically while fostering an enduring responsibi... Read More »

The Importance of Discipline in the Classroom?

Lack of classroom discipline results in academic chaos, low student performance and teacher exhaustion and frustration. However, a successful solution involves inviting the community to assist in s... Read More »